No one knows safety like Brock! There’s no better example of this than on July 22, 2020 during a Site Safety Meeting at one of our multinational oil & gas customers sites, when Brock Site Leadership presented four HER0 Gold Coin Awards to employees going above and beyond. These coins were given for four different Hazards/Concerns identified and properly corrected in a 3 day period by four different workers. A strong commitment to the HER0 Program is certainly evident at this site. Below is each HER0 incident:

1. July 13th, Tracy Gullage identified an error on a work permit for EA 121/fa 113 by Operations that didn’t encompass the work task the crew was performing. Tracy got up with Operations and brought it to their attention. The work permit was corrected.

2. July 14, Jeremy Malbrugh was performing a job walk on BA 105 Heater Roof and noticed that a contract crew had removed the roof panel and had no proper tie-off point. Jeremy got with Operations and the job was shut down. A handrail system for tying-off was erected for the contract crew so the job task could be completed safely.

3. July 14, Randy Denson was performing a job walk when he noticed multiple insulation blankets hanging by wire on the sixth level of BA-98. The blankets were about to fall down, so Randy got with insulators and asked if they removed the blankets and they had not. The blankets were re-installed to prevent an incident/injury.

4. July 15, Brittney Zanders identified an excavation that was excavated by a contract crew inside the Brock scaffold yard without a proper barricade to prevent someone from falling into it. Brittney took it upon herself to erect the barricade and reported the issue to her supervision.

A huge THANK YOU to all of you!

Pictured left to right: Tracy Gullage, Todd Nickens (Senior HSE Manager), Randy Denson, Jeremy Malbrugh, Brittney Zanders