Brock at Nova Chemical Celebrates Their Commitment To Safety!

The team at Nova Chemicals in Geismar, La have worked 5 years at the facility without an OSHA recordable. The employees actively participate in Brock and Nova’s HSE initiatives. This team and its dedicated leaders truly believe that safety does not stop at the facility but carries into their personal lives. They are all Brock HER0s. Great job team!

New Employee Exemplifies Brock’s Bbest Spirit

Edward Trevino was hired on at Brock in October 2019 as a craftsman for scaffolding work. Edward quickly made a name for himself in the field as a hard worker, but he also showed tremendous personal drive by obtaining a Construction Site Safety Technician (CSST) certification on his own. CSST is a 100-Hour program, designed to enhance the career path for safety professionals. With this certification, Edward was able to move into a field safety role on a customers expansion project. Edward’s superiors, as well as our customer contact, have been very impressed with his work and he continues to improve every day. Keep It Up, Edward!

Inaugural Leadership Summit Launches Brock Into 2020

Last week, more than 60 Brock employees from BSL, BIS and Brock Canada, came together for a three-day meeting to engage in discussions around the strategic priorities, objectives and goals for 2020. The agenda was packed with meetings and presentations highlighting various initiatives and business units within Brock. This vendor-supported event gave Brock leaders an opportunity to reflect on what we have accomplished together and a platform to strategically plan for our future, with the goal of propelling Brock forward through the next several years.

Employee Spotlight: Volunteer Firefighters

Three Brock employees working at Dow Deer Park plant are Volunteer Firefighters in Pasadena, TX. Moises Chavez, site manager at Dow DP, has been a volunteer Firefighter for about two years, Jose Maldonado, Insulation Foreman, has been a Volunteer Firefighter for three years and Brent Russell, helper, has been a Volunteer Firefighter for six months. These employees are also heavily involved in the community. Along with other volunteer Firefighters, they host an annual holiday toy drive, which benefits more than 900 children in the Pasadena area.

Pictured from L to R: Brent Russell, Jose Maldonado and Moises Chavez