Employee Spotlight: Martin Hernandez Earns NACE CIP Level 2 Certification

Martin Hernandez, Site Manager at one of our customers sites in TX, near Amarillo, has earned a Coating Inspector Program, Level 2 certification. This certification recognizes Martin as an advanced coatings inspector who has working knowledge of corrosion, surface preparation, environmental conditions and chemical resistance.

We are particularly proud of Martin as there are only a few other Brock employees who hold this certification level and it is extremely difficult to achieve. In addition, Martin took it upon himself to gain this certification while he was on furlough.

“We are lucky to have Martin on our team,” said Jimmy Mathews, PM/Site Manager at our customer site, “He is obviously very driven, but he is also a great leader who takes care of his team. And, his documentation is impeccable and the customer loves him.”

Thank you Martin for embodying our Bbest culture of continuous improvement and congratulations on earning your certification.

Jose Chavarria Earns Gold Coin With His Good Catch

Jose Chavarria was climbing a ladder in a permanent ladder cage when he identified a broken weld on a structural metal bar causing the bar to protrude into the climbing space. This created a hazard for anyone who might climb the ladder. Jose immediately reported the hazard to plant operations and put red barricade tape on the broken metal bar to prevent anyone from making contact with it until it could be repaired. He then contacted Brock safety who then reported the hazard to operations so a work order could be issued and the ladder was repaired. Thank you Jose for taking the initiative and for living the Bsafe culture.

Pictured left to right: Jose Chavarria (Scaffold Carpenter) and Lazaro Barrera (Site Manager)

Grounds Foreman Implements Pause + More Initiative

Michael Markham, Yard and Grounds Foreman, had a very good observation while mowing the lawn near a tank. While riding his tractor mower he came across a large deep hole in the ground. He immediately barricaded around the hole and alerted operations of the safety hazard. He also created a barricade out of plywood and spray painted it orange to make others aware of the potential hazard.

Michael you are a true Brock HER0! Thank you for Pausing and doing More to prevent Injury!

Pictured left to right: Luz Zepeda (Safety Tech.), Michael Markham (Yard & Grounds Foreman)

Insulator Speaks Up Preventing Violations and Possible Injury

Lily Guerra, Insulation Craftsperson, was reviewing her permit in front of the equipment that she was to be working on. Other workers were in the process of gathering tools and material when Lily told them to stop what they were doing because the permit writer had listed the wrong equipment number on the permit. Lily immediately notified her supervisor and the permit was corrected. By paying attention to details, Lily possibly prevented her and her crew from being caught up in a Life Saving Rule Violation. This is exactly the level of professionalism that we want our Brock employees to bring to the table. Good Job Lily. Thank you for taking the Bsafe and Bbest culture to heart!

Pictured left to right: Mickey Gilbeau (Site Supervisor), Lily Guerra (Insulation Craftsperson), James Vidrine (Site HSE Manager)