Victor Porter, Brock Area HSE Manager in Oklahoma, was recently given high praise and big complements from one of our customers in the Oklahoma area:

“I have worked with Victor Porter for around 10 years in the refining industry. Victor is a true safety professional in everything he does from his relationships with his crews to the effort he puts into his daily tasks. I have always been able to depend on Victor completing tasks on time and helping to grow his teams from a safety and health standpoint. I appreciate the follow through he has for developing and meeting targets. Victor has also become a strong mentor to new safety professionals in the industry and is always looking to improve himself and those around him. I look forward to many more years working with him and continuing to see where his efforts take him in the industry.”

Jason Streater

Thank you Victor, for all of your dedication, hard work and safety professionalism that you bring to this company. Your Bsafe and Bbest spirit obviously shines through and you are truly appreciated!

Keep up the great work!