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Brock Industrial Completes Major Remediation Project in New Jersey

Brock Industrial Services successfully completed the Environmental Remediation of the 37 Story , 1M+ square foot, Trump Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ, including the Asbestos Abatement of asbestos gaskets, mastic, and flooring. Brock Industrial also completed the Universal Waste disposal of the property, including over 60,000 gallons of waste fuel oil, 4 Above Ground Storage Tanks (ASTs) closures, and over 100,000 other environmental concerns, including 30,000 fluorescent mercury light bulbs that were used throughout the property. The property has been vacant since 2014 and is scheduled for implosion in 2021.

Hurricane Laura Relief Efforts: Brock Helps Brock

In August 2020, Hurricane Laura brought a lot of damage and destruction to the surrounding areas of coastal Louisiana. More than 1,500 Brock employees were affected and Brock’s Sulphur office sustained moderate damage. Brock employees banned together collecting donations and supplies to provide emergency support to our Brock family members in areas impacted. Donations included food, cleaning supplies, generators, and other emergency supplies.
Thank you all for being representatives of our Bbest culture! #BrockStrong

A special thank you to Brock Employees at Dow Deer Park, CP Chem Sweeny and our Clute office for your donations and Amy Beck, Donnie Olivier, Judy Swain, Estela Vasquez, Amanda Sefcik, and Brian Burrows for their coordination efforts.

Brock Demonstrates Bbest Potential for their Customer

On September 3, 2020, Brock Services hosted a demonstration of an AmphiBlast Dual Hose Wet/Dry blasting system for one of their customers. The AmphiBlast is a versatile abrasive blasting machine that can be used for dry blasting, wet blasting, blow down and wash down with a single piece of equipment. Particular interest during this demo was toward the wet blasting function which adds water to the air stream and results in dustless blasting.

The purpose of the demo was not only to see the equipment in action, but to demonstrate to ExxonMobil the multitude of benefits the AmphiBlast could provide if blasting was needed within operating units during turnarounds. The benefits include less interference with operations or other crafts working in proximity of the blasters (due to the dustless blasting), less abrasive required, less cleanup and a reduction in waste disposal.

As opposed to historical wet blasting, which used a water ring attached to the end of the blast nozzle, AmphiBlast uses only 10-20% of the water and abrasive to achieve the specified surface cleanliness and eliminates an area drenched with slurry to clean up. Other dustless blasters on the market do not have the option to dry blast if circumstances allow, nor variable pressure controls or water injection controls.

The AmphiBlast is manufactured by Axxiom Manufacturing’s Schmidt Abrasive Blasting business unit and is distributed in Houston by the Marco/A.P.E. distributorship, who supplied the equipment for the demo. A 375 CFM air compressor and an air dryer were required to operate the AmphiBlast during the demo.

The exercise was able to demonstrate that by using this blasting system, a reduction in work hours to blast and cleanup and a reduction in abrasive consumption and associate waste could provide a savings of up to 35%.

The feedback from the customer’s group was extremely positive, resulting in their planning to utilize this system for an upcoming 2021 event. Combined with the use of a blasting additive that holds a wet blast longer before the surface begins to rust, the customer’s inspection group will be able to perform their inspections, then release the surfaces for painting without our having to re-blast the area, a savings in hours (to blast and clean up), materials and waste disposal. It is also anticipated that the number of shifts to complete the turnaround could be reduced due to these combined benefits – other crafts being able to work concurrent with wet blasting due to the reduced dusting, reduction in the need to re-blast after inspections, and reduced clean up time.

This demonstration was a reflection of Brock’s Bbest culture of continuously seeking better methods or equipment to lower cost and provide a safer work environment. Daniel Alvarez, Paint Superintendent, Sergio Alvarez, Paint GF, and Wilfredo Gloria, Paint QA/QC, all contributed to this successful demo.

Brock St. Louis Treated to Lunch for Their Hard Work and Dedication

Last week the Brock St. Louis branch held an appreciation lunch for employees. The group celebrated the efforts of the team and the completion of some important projects, including the MSD Project Clear in St. Louis. During that project, which started 200’ underground, over 7,000 pieces of scaffold material were erected in order to support access for the waterproofing of a treatment plant pump tower. The lunch was planned by Todd Honchell and Nick Crider.

Thank you to the crew in St. Louis for your hard work and dedication as well as the St. Louis leadership for showing their appreciation to their hard working employees!