Brock Crew at Xcel Sets The Example For What It Means To Bbest

Both Brock’s site crew as well as the Brock billing team for one of our customers have set the example of what it means to Bbest. Both the crew and the billing department received high marks from the customer. “I wanted to make a comment about how nice the Hayden-2 boiler scaffolding is that Brock installed and that I am not sure I have had scaffolding this nice on this boiler and I have been on a bunch of outages over the years. Also, your lighting was spot on! Not only was the lighting excellent but to me it is a huge safety benefit because our contractors and Xcel employees can see and feel comfortable on your scaffolding,” said the customer. About the billing department they had this to say, “You have done an excellent job for us and we appreciate what you do! I deal with a lot of different contractors and billing and you are always right on top of things. Makes my job a lot easier. Thank you it is much appreciated!” Thank you to both of these teams for showing what Brock can do and for setting the example of our Bbest spirit! You’re fantastic!

Pictured Left to Right: Shaun Arthurs (Superintendent), Nika Fritzler (Billing/Admin), Ethan Wymore (Project Manager)  

Sulphur, LA Branch Receives Multiple Awards from Safety Council Southwest LA

Brock Services’ Sulphur, Louisiana branch recently received the Safety Council of Southwest Louisiana Contractor’s Gold Safety Award and Best in Class Award within the Specialty Contractor III category. This award is given to a specialty contractor with more than 500,000 Man Hours worked in 2019. Nominees who are considered for the Best in Class award have completed safety audits and have been recommended for the award by plant executives. Award recipients are categorized by man hours, type of work performed, best practices and other compliance programs. Each of these items receive points based on the quality of information and work performed that led to an exemplary safety environment.  Each category has a Bronze, Silver and Gold award. The ultimate “Best in Class” award is given to a few distinguished companies with the highest accumulated points. Great job to Brock Services in Sulphur, LA and to all the crews who are doing work in the area! What a great accomplishment!

Pictured: Brock Services Sulphur, LA Branch

Victor Porter, HSE Manager, Receives High Praise from Customer

Victor Porter, Brock Area HSE Manager in Oklahoma, was recently given high praise and big complements from one of our customers in the Oklahoma area:

“I have worked with Victor Porter for around 10 years in the refining industry. Victor is a true safety professional in everything he does from his relationships with his crews to the effort he puts into his daily tasks. I have always been able to depend on Victor completing tasks on time and helping to grow his teams from a safety and health standpoint. I appreciate the follow through he has for developing and meeting targets. Victor has also become a strong mentor to new safety professionals in the industry and is always looking to improve himself and those around him. I look forward to many more years working with him and continuing to see where his efforts take him in the industry.”

Jason Streater

Thank you Victor, for all of your dedication, hard work and safety professionalism that you bring to this company. Your Bsafe and Bbest spirit obviously shines through and you are truly appreciated!

Keep up the great work!


Damian Williams Prevents Injury with Good Catch

On September 9, Damian Williams was working on a scaffold installing plastic for a containment when he noticed a broken conduit with exposed electrical wires. The weight of the conduit had cut into the outer layer of the electrical wires. Worried about whether or not the wires had power running through them, Damian came down from the scaffold and immediately notified his supervisor. Facility operations went out to check the area and discovered the wire did have power running through it. The job was shut down until further notice. Thank you Damian for taking safety to heart and preventing injury to yourself and others who may have come across the wire later!

Pictured: Damian Williams