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Craftsman Uses Stop Work Authority

Enoch Rodriguez, Craftsman/Forklift Driver, was working with his crew at Georgia Pacific, who were moving scaffold material from an upper level when he looked down and noticed multiple gas tanks on the ground floor right beneath them. Enoch used his Stop Work Authority and then contacted a Georgia Pacific representative to have the tanks moved out of the way. Thank you Enoch for keeping your crew safe from harm!

Pictured: Enoch Rodriguez

Steam Tracer/Insulator Prevents Harm With Good Catch

Earlier this month, Nathan Batiste, Steam Tracer/Insulator at a customer site, was in the process of removing old steam tracing and installing new when he noticed a leak in the process piping being worked on. The process pipe was ½” stainless steel tubing. Nathan immediately had everyone stop work and move to a safe location while he discussed the issue with his supervisor. The issue was reported to site operations and they commended Nathan for his actions which were “heroic,” because the tubing being worked on had H2S and Refinery Gas being pumped through it. Nathan was awarded a Gold Coin. Great job Nathan and thank you for living the Bsafe culture.

Pictured Left to Right: James Vidrine (Site HSE Manager), Nathan Batiste (Steam Tracer/Insulator), Mickey Gilbeau (Site Supervisor)

Brock Canada Insulation Foreman Prevents Serious Harm with HER0 Observation

Dustin Schulte is an Insulation Foreman for Brock Canada Field Services in Alberta. He was awarded a Gold Coin for observing a 24” pin bar stuck in grating at an elevation of 40 feet. The bar could have come loose and was above a manway entrance posing a very serious hazard to personnel below. If it wasn’t for Dustin’s good catch, someone could have been seriously injured. Thank you Dustin for being so observant and for being a true Brock HER0!

Pictured Left to Right: Dustin Schulte (Insulation Foreman), Neil Visser (General Foreman) and Matt Levesque (Project Manager)

Brock Services Maintains Bbest Culture During Special Project for Tri-State in Colorado

Brock Services is a maintenance contractor for the Tri-State Generation & Transmission power plant in Craig, CO. Brock provides scaffolding, insulation and coatings services for the power plant.

Tri-State often conducts plant tours through their station for clients, partners and the public, where the main attraction is the main turbine deck. In an effort to provide insight into the equipment internals used in the generation of electrical power, Tri-State decided to display a Steam Turbine Rotor in proximity with the steam turbines, providing a visual of the unseen.

Tri-State asked Brock to prepare the surface of a spare steam turbine rotor and coat it for beatification so it could be exhibited on the parade route.

A containment was constructed at a location onsite away from the Turbine Building to perform the preparation and coating work. The containment was to assure environmental conditions were suitable for the coating project. The rotor was abrasive blasted with Australian garnet from GMA, then primed with PPG Amerlock epoxy mastic. Safety orange and safety red were applied to the HP blades to differentiate the low and high pressure functions of the rotor. The color scheme was recommended by BSLLC supervision and accepted by Tri-State.

Once completed, Tri-State placed the rotor on the main turbine deck in the center of all three units. The turbine deck is, as mentioned, the main attraction for plant tours of the plant. Tri-State has expressed great appreciation of the quality and aesthetics of the finished product.