Spotlight: Brock Canada Women in the Trades

July 27th may have seemed like another normal day of work, but for Susan Hubrich, 4th year apprentice scaffolder, it was not. Susan’s site supervisor, Donnie Cameron, had changed up the crews for the day, as is done often, and it so happened that Susan was put in charge of a her first all-female scaffolding crew that included 1st year scaffold apprentices Candace Cameron and Yuliya Pysarchuk. Taking advantage of each other’s skills sets and Susan taking the chance to share what she had learned over the years with new comers, the women had a day filled with a deeper understanding of Brock’s safety culture, scaffold building and dismantling, and a passing/absorbing of knowledge. Susan said of her day, “It was a stressless day, with lots of communication, knowledge, and good work ethics. It was an awesome day!” Site supervisor Donnie Cameron had this to say of the women, “Susan, Candace and Yuliya are so proud to be scaffolding for Brock and I am proud to provide a workplace where they can mentor and learn to enhance their skills.”

Thank you Susan, Candance, and Yuliya for your hard work and dedication to your craft and to Brock.

Pictured left to right: Suzy Hubrich, Candace Cameron and Yuliya Pysarchuk

Brock HER0 Recognized For His Good Catch

Joe Parada, Scaffold General Foreman, was flagging scaffolds that were ready to be placed on schedule for dismantling. As Joe checked his surroundings, he observed a chain wheel that had come detached from a valve stem approximately 25 ft from grade. He immediately reported his findings to Unit Operations and operations immediately addressed the concern. Joe was recognized for his swift actions in reporting and taking ownership of a hazardous situation. His actions and execution are a perfect example of what it is to be a BROCK HER0. Thank you Joe!

Pictured: Joe Parada

BIC Magazine: Brock Is In A League Of Its Own

In May 2020, the Brock Group was featured as the cover story for BIC Magazine, which reaches nearly 100,000 mid- and upper-level managers and executives in the refining/petrochemical, drilling and exploration, pipeline, marine, terminal, pulp and paper, power generation and heavy construction industries.

The focus of the article was Brock’s unparalleled dedication to safety. The company has a long history of bringing innovation to its industry. Today, the company continues this tradition through the design and implementation of safety systems, processes and products created to increase the safety of Brock employees, customer employees and other contractors on the jobsite.

“At Brock, we don’t just implement; we innovate,” explained Drew Ashcraft, Vice President — Health, Safety and Environmental, The Brock Group. “Brock’s Bbest culture is about being better every day, which means we are constantly looking for new tools and execution methods to keep our people safe. We partner with our vendors and suppliers to create new products that better serve our needs and the needs of the industry.”

Also highlighted in the article was the fact that in 2019, Brock achieved its best OSHA safety record in the history of the company, which began operations in 1947. The 2019 end-of-year TRIR was 0.18. This is calculated for all Brock-owned companies together and includes Brock-owned entities in Canada, which are not governed by OSHA. In addition, Brock currently has 18 VPP Star Site jobsites, which is about triple the number of sites held by any other contractor in a similar business.

“We are certainly proud of our current safety record and successes; however, looking back is not what we are about when it comes to safety,” explained Ashcraft. “Being in the now and looking toward the days ahead is where our concentration will remain. In 2020, we have a perfect vision with 100-percent focus on each and every task. Together, each of us will strive for no injuries, no near misses and no negative impacts on the environment, while also being smarter and more efficient about how we get that accomplished.”

Brock Participates in Dow Adopt-A-Road Clean-Up Day

Last week several Brock employees participated in our first Adopt-A-Road clean-up day at Dow Texas Operations in Freeport. This Adopt-A-Road initiative is led by the Dow TOCAS Steering team, which Brock is an extremely active member. This initiative is a drive to keep the Dow roadways clean and each contractor company has adopted a specific area within Dow property. Brock adopted the roadway from Hwy 332 Feeder Rd to Gate 40, which is the main contractor gate. Sending a big Thank You to all of our employees that participated!