Brock recently participated in the Service Academy Career Conference (SACC), meeting candidates representing an array of backgrounds including supply chain management, finance, operations, construction, leadership positions in the military and other technical areas of expertise.

“These young men and women understand the dedication and sacrifice it takes to be successful in a challenging business environment,” said Bob Pragada, president and CEO of Brock and a Naval Academy alumnus. “Their experience and service to the United States will serve them well in their future endeavors.”

“This was Brock’s first time participating in the SACC event in Washington, and we came away impressed by the depth of dedication and experience of these service academy veterans,” said Daniel Donaldson, Brock group president. “It’s an honor to be able to meet and interact with such an inspiring group of individuals.”

Administered and supported by the Alumni Associations and Association of Graduates of numerous military academies, the SACC is the only job fair exclusively for service academy alumni.

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