July 27th may have seemed like another normal day of work, but for Susan Hubrich, 4th year apprentice scaffolder, it was not. Susan’s site supervisor, Donnie Cameron, had changed up the crews for the day, as is done often, and it so happened that Susan was put in charge of a her first all-female scaffolding crew that included 1st year scaffold apprentices Candace Cameron and Yuliya Pysarchuk. Taking advantage of each other’s skills sets and Susan taking the chance to share what she had learned over the years with new comers, the women had a day filled with a deeper understanding of Brock’s safety culture, scaffold building and dismantling, and a passing/absorbing of knowledge. Susan said of her day, “It was a stressless day, with lots of communication, knowledge, and good work ethics. It was an awesome day!” Site supervisor Donnie Cameron had this to say of the women, “Susan, Candace and Yuliya are so proud to be scaffolding for Brock and I am proud to provide a workplace where they can mentor and learn to enhance their skills.”

Thank you Susan, Candace, and Yuliya for your hard work and dedication to your craft and to Brock.

Pictured left to right: Suzy Hubrich, Candace Cameron and Yuliya Pysarchuk