This shout out comes at a great time. It’s Protect the Hands month at Brock!

Remington Brekel, Brock’s Site Manager on a customer site, noticed employees from another contractor working in a substation using a come along that was hooked into the bed of a truck and connected to a fence post in order to straighten the post and tighten the chain link. While performing this task not one of these employees were wearing gloves. Remington stopped the job and informed the employees about the potential hazards associated with the task they were performing and that they should protect their hands with gloves. Remington was recognized by his Supervisor, Jerry Metts, who presented him with a HERO Gold Coin for his actions. Thank you Remington for your commitment to Brock’s Bsafe culture!

Pictured L to R: Luz Zepeda, Remington Brekel, Jerry Metts