Earlier this month, David Bowman was tasked with setting up Blend #2 so that co-workers could empty the Blend Can. When arriving on the floor, David looked at his environment and noticed that some things were not exactly right with the set-up and began to question why the equipment was set up in this manner. The item that caught David’s attention was a lock that had been placed on a Local Disconnect while the box was energized. Once brought to the attention of the proper Brock and customer personnel, an investigation began. During the investigation, many issues were found, some of which, if not resolved could have caused serious harm or worse to personnel in the area of the Blend Can. A new LOTO procedure will be written and put into place once all the changes are made. Temporary steps were taken immediately to ensure that these hazards were completely. Permanent mitigation solutions are being discussed and should be in place shortly. We really appreciate and commend David Bowman for going above and beyond in helping make his workplace a safer place to work.

Pictured L to R: Mark Fugate – Safety Manager, Dave Bowman – Operator, & Michelle Moore – Relief Supervisor