Brock Industrial is proud to honor Daniel Gileta, Carpenter Apprentice on a customer site, with a Gold Coin. Daniel’s attention to detail, and his dedication to ensuring that everyone goes home the way they came in, has on more than one occasion prevented fellow Craftsmen from potentially serious injuries.

In November 2019, Daniel noticed a contractor, from another company, unknowingly had his tagline tangled on his harness. Daniel Rushed over, stopped the pick in time, informed the contractor of the danger he saw, and helped get the tagline off the harness; thus preventing a potentially catastrophic incident.

In January 2020, Daniel spotted a contractor from another company, on a scaffold that had openings on the deck, while not wearing a harness. Daniel exercised his Stop Work Authority, had the contractor come down, and upon further inspection, saw that the scaffold tag was not signed for the day. Dan coached the contractor on the site’s expectations, fall protection requirements, and restrictions when accessing a scaffold.​

Daniel’s efforts have been recognized by our customer and the other contractors on site, as a Safety Hero of The Month for November 2019, and January 2020 as well as multiple other site safety awards. Daniel’s dedication to the safety of the site, himself, and those around him, exemplify Brock’s Bsafe culture of respect and caring! Thank you Daniel!