Scaffolding Systems

With over sixteen million pieces of scaffold inventory of system and tube and clamp scaffolding, strategically located throughout North America at multiple scaffold yards, Brock brings the material, expertise, and management tools together to deliver cost effective work access and to meet the schedule demands for Maintenance, Capital, or Turnaround projects.

Brock’s experience ranges from building the simple scaffolds required for everyday operations and maintenance to the more complex towers, cantilevered platforms or suspended scaffolds frequently required for capital or turnaround work. Brock will build “flying scaffolds” that are constructed and lifted into place at elevated or isolated locations to meet schedule and project needs.

Brock has significant experience with effective scaffold engineering, OSHA compliance, design, erec­tion and dismantle of scaffolding systems.

Rope Access Systems

Rope Access is a service that allows employees to access heights and confined areas using a secure, two-rope system. Once in place, Brock's Rope Access Service Line offers facility owners another proven safe, efficient and cost-effective method for executing maintenance, turnaround and capital projects.

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