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Rope Access Helps Reduce Risk & Exposure

Brock has always offered Rope Access as an alternate solution to traditional work access options. It is a safer and more efficient way to complete projects at heights and in confined spaces. In recent months, Rope Access is also being used as a means to complete work on sites where headcounts are lower and social distancing guidelines are being enforced due to COVID-19. Brock's Rope Access program and technicians also maintain an exceptional safety record and we are committed to maintaining our incident and injury free status.

Alternative Access Solution

Rope access describes a variety of advanced access techniques where ropes and specialized equipment are used as the primary method for providing access and support to workers in their jobs at high or hard-to-reach places.

Plants need access to these difficult locations for inspection, maintenance, and mechanical tasks. Traditional access methods such as scaffolding, crane baskets and lifts may not be feasible due to difficult to reach work areas, time sensitive tasks, or economics.

Brock can quickly mobilize an integrated team of trades and rope access technicians to complete services such as insulation, painting and coatings, and fireproofing, as well as NDE, electrical and welding.

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Rope Access Advantages

Rope Access is an alternate access solution that allows crews to reach heights and confined areas using a secure, two-rope system. It requires less interference with other facility operations, meaning less disruptions, minimized downtime, increased production and a safer work environment for all personnel.

Cost Effective

Fewer personnel and equipment required, translates to minimal downtime and increased production.

More Efficient

Quicker installation for access resulting in less interference with other facility operations.

Increased Safety

High focus on processes and procedures to maintain our incident and injury free status.

Less Manpower

Compared to other access methods, work hours required are significantly reduced per task.

Rope Access in Action

Support for Turnarounds

Removal and installation of piping from process tower during a critical turnaround.

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Confined Space Access

Development of a rope access and rigging plan to secure overhead hazard in a confined space.

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Overhead Hazard Removal

Rope access was used to cut out and lower diffusers in a ducting system to eliminate the overhead hazard.

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Cable Pull at Heights

Rope access technicians quickly and efficiently pulled and secured cable in multiple locations.

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