Safe, Dependable, Quality Scaffolding Solutions

With over sixteen million pieces of scaffold inventory of system and tube and clamp scaffolding, strategically located throughout North America at multiple scaffold yards, Brock brings the material, expertise, and management tools together to deliver cost effective work access and to meet the schedule demands for Maintenance, Capital, or Turnaround projects.

Brock’s experience ranges from building the simple scaffolds required for everyday operations and maintenance to the more complex towers, cantilevered platforms or suspended scaffolds frequently required for capital or turnaround work. Brock can also build “flying scaffolds” that are constructed and lifted into place at elevated or isolated locations to meet schedule and project needs.

Brock has significant experience with effective scaffold engineering, OSHA compliance, design, erec­tion and dismantle of scaffolding systems.

Industry Leader in Safety

Brock maintains an exemplary OSHA safety record which is calculated for all Brock-owned companies together and includes Brock-owned entities in Canada, which are not governed by OSHA.

Our pledge to establishing a Bsafe culture is backed by our commitment to an incident and injury free environment. Our corporate culture is built on interdependency, with each employee fully engaged to work safely and be motivated “so no one gets hurt!” The Brock standard of caring and respect defines who we are and how we operate to achieve excellence in every aspect of our business.

Scaffold Management System

Brock's Scaffold Management System (SMS), designed to improve scaffold utilization and on-site management, reduces scaffold expense and improves response time in meeting customer’s scaffolding needs. As a management tool, SMS provides data on inventory status, scaffold utilization and age, GPS locations, ownership, and cost tracking that allow facilities to reduce scaffolding expense and Brock to more efficiently respond to the facilities’ scaffolding needs. In addition, customers can verify status of their scaffolds, or requests, by use of a Web Portal that provides a direct interface with SMS.

Brock’s SMS utilizes Quick Response (QR) codes to communicate information on scaffolds, readily available at the scaffold access point with any smart device with a QR Reader app. The Scaffold Tag information includes PO #, WO #, Priority, Customer Requester, purpose of the scaffold, and Build Date. QR codes are also used to set the location of scaffold builds with GPS coordinates, which are then added to the Scaffold record in the Brock proprietary scaffold inventory management software. The mapping data is used by customers as well as Brock supervision and inspectors, allowing the scaffolds to be ‘seen’ on Google Maps or Google Earth.

Rope Access

Brock offers Rope Access as an alternate solution to traditional work access options. It is a safer and more efficient way to complete projects at heights and in confined spaces.

In recent months, Rope Access is also being used as a means to complete work on sites where headcounts are lower and social distancing guidelines are being enforced due to COVID-19.

Brock's Rope Access program and technicians also maintain an exceptional safety record and we are committed to maintaining our incident and injury free status.

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