Success Through Technology & Collaboration

Brock combines our high-performing people with efficient processes and the right technology to bring value to every part of our business. Our commitment to providing solutions has resulted in the development and application of new digital tools designed to increase productivity and reduce costs to each jobsite.

Scaffold Management System

Brock's Scaffolding Management System (SMS) is designed to improve scaffold utilization and on-site tracking to reduce scaffold expense and to improve response time in meeting each customer’s scaffolding needs.

As a management tool, SMS provides data on inventory status, scaffold utilization and age, locations, ownership, estimated hours and cost, and cost tracking to allow facilities to reduce scaffolding expense and more efficiently respond to scaffolding needs.

3D Modeling for Scaffold Design

  • Scope of work alignment for all involved, allows for  up-front planning to avoid excessive modifications and scope creep.
  • Clear direction to workers though organized workface packages.
  • Increased field production by 10-15% as designs and scaffold counts are provided with greater reliability.
  • Better resource management that results in the correct quantities of scaffold, consumables, and manpower in a timely manner.
  • Coordinated access design, suitable for multiple crafts.
  • Reduced modification and rework time as modifications are managed with the design software prior to installation, rather than in the field after the scaffold is built.

Maintenance Program Management

As part of our overall solution offering, we have effectively combined resources to implement a variety of reliability management programs which offer significant cost advantages, enabling the development of long-term strategies for maximizing facility asset protection at the lowest total life-cycle cost.

Brock provides customized audits and program management for the following:

- Fire Protection Management System
- Maintenance Insulation Management System
- Maintenance Painting Management System

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Digital Tools

Brock has the ability to show the location of scaffold builds by adding GPS coordinates to scaffold tag in the Brock proprietary scaffold inventory management software.

Forward Thinkers & Game Changers

Brock has a long history of bringing innovation to our industry and today, the company continues this tradition through the development and application of new digital tools designed to increase productivity and reduce costs at each jobsite.

As the top specialty services contractor, we are forward-thinkers and game changers, which allows us the freedom to be innovative and push the envelope. We have the flexibility to identify, validate and implement new ways of working, and that’s powerful.

We’re building the company of tomorrow while safely and successfully completing each project for our customers today.