Major Chemical Manufacturer Maintenance Painting Management System

A global specialty chemicals company contacted Brock Services, LLC to provide industrial painting support services at its 6,000-acre, 200-building facility in east Texas. Seeking a systematic, long-term approach to reducing the installed cost of coatings and the replacement value of steel, the company chose Brock’s Maintenance Painting Management System (MPMS).

As a result of strong results, we were contracted to provide additional services, including bio-remediation, janitorial, yards and grounds, and general labor.

Proactively and systematically reduce the cost of painting, lengthen service life of coatings and decrease the need for replacement steel. The company manufacturers 40+ major chemical and polymer products for industrial customers worldwide in facilities that comprise more than 15.5 million square feet of paintable surfaces, including piping, structural steel and equipment.

The production units are high-volume, continuous processes that operate around the clock.

The program began with a comprehensive survey for corrosion, followed by a plan for upgrading the values over time. Scheduling a mix of painting that alternated between heavily and less corroded steel generated an optimal installed cost of coating.

In addition, the ratio of heavily corroded steel has diminished significantly since the engagement began, and the installed cost of coating steel that has less corrosion is far lower than that of more damaged product. As a result of Brock’s MPMS, the specifications for coatings have changed to allow for a more maintenance centric solution.

By methodically following the asset protection program Brock established, the company has realized a reduced cost of coating per square foot and a lower cost of steel replacement as the life cycle has lengthened. Service life estimates have been extended to 18 years, up from the previous range of 10 to 14 years.

Corrosion levels improved from more than 35% unacceptable to less than 10% unacceptable
Headcount to maintain program has dropped by two-thirds
Cost of program painting on average has declined more than 40% since inception Brock has been named the company’s Supplier of the Year multiple times.

In a study performed by Solomon Associates, a Dallas-based refining consulting firm that provides benchmarking and performance improvement services, the company ranked in the lower quartile for maintenance needs and costs among their peers.

Brock’s MPMS was one component of their success.