Craig Power Plant Boiler Scaffold

Tri-State G&T is a wholesale power supplier based in Westminster, CO that generates and transmits electricity to the 44 electric cooperative member systems that own the company.

Tri-State G&T required safe access for the inspection of and repairs to the unit #2 boiler at Craig Station, a 437 MW coal-fired power plant.

Brock was engaged as part of our multi-year contract to provide internal boiler scaffold so all areas and components of the boiler could be inspected for possible repairs as part of the multi-million dollar Outage on unit #2.

Brock Services erected the boiler scaffold one shift ahead of schedule, and efficiently performed extensive modifications to accommodate each craft.

We also designed, acquired and installed a complete, proprietary lighting and power system, including emergency backup lighting at exits, to provide reliable light and power for all crafts.

By saving Tri-State G&T one shift of scaffold labor, we were able to reduce costs and allow expedited repairs. The lighting and power plan worked as designed, without a single incident of loss of power or illumination.

Brock completed more than 50,000 incident free work hours, exceeding increasing client expectations. In addition to scaffolding, since 2008 we have provided painting, insulation, abatement, electrical, heat tracing and yards and grounds services at Craig Station.