Safety Culture


At Brock, we have a standard of caring and respect which defines who we are and how we operate to achieve excellence in every aspect of our business. As an extension to this, we created our Bsafe culture, which begins with personal responsibility for our own safekeeping, and extends to include our fellow employees, our customers, our families, and our communities.

At Brock, Bsafe is everything we are and it is manifested in everything we do.


Multiple VPP STAR Worksites


Brock is proud to have 17 worksites recognized with VPP STAR certifications from OSHA.

These certifications reflect Brock’s commitment to safety excellence. Our employees work in the safest manner possible and our programs are consistent with best-in class safety practices. Brock is committed to providing a zero harm work environment for all employees, subcontractor employees, temporary employees, jobsite visitors, and members of the public. We must work together Helping Everyone Reach ZER0, as we are all accountable
for our performance.

Safety. Our Way of Life.


Brock lives by safety. Brock employees work in the safest manner possible and our programs are consistent with best-in class safety practices.


Star Worksites


AFPM Meritorious
Safety Awards


ABC Platinum
STEP Awards


Regional Safety
Council Awards




Brock partnered with RPB to design a breathing air fitting that is proprietary to RPB’s breathing air system. The fully padded, motorcycle-style fit respirator is design to fit ergonomically on the operators head and the custom fittings are color-coded.


If it’s green-to-green-to-green you’re good to go.

Our Roadmap To Safety


People are our most valuable asset, and their safety takes precedence over everything. Our HSE Strategic Plan is an industry-best, with continuous training and education that ensures our team members are qualified to perform their duties and ultimately keeping safety at the forefront of everything they do.

Our safety department carved out a “road map” to help define our safety journey many years ago. This master plan starts at the top with safety-focused management and is carried through the organization by means of written standards, excellent planning, thorough training, and clear communication.

We believe that this master safety plan is our roadmap to continued safety excellence.

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