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Program Management
Focused on Long-Term Savings

As part of our overall solution offering, Brock has effectively combined resources to implement a variety of reliability management programs, which offer significant cost advantages, enabling the development of long-term strategies for maximizing facility asset protection at the lowest total life-cycle cost.

Painting Management System

Brock offers facility owners a proven approach to maintenance painting that continues to evolve as technology improves and industry and customer needs expand. First developed in the 1970s, our program has evolved over time to a computer-driven management tool providing guidance on selection of projects, specifications and expenditure justification.

Program Highlights
• Protect critical operations and safety components
• Prevent corrosion
• Prevent need for structural repair
• Eliminate the need for abrasive blasting

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Insulation Management System

The Insulation Management System is a comprehensive tool developed to evaluate insulation performance against design criteria, (Process Control, Heat/Cold Conservation, or Safety), and calculate the consequences of insulation defects. The program can focus on a single module or be an all-inclusive assessment covering all modules or any combination.

Program Highlights
• Improve process control through temperature stability
• Identify potential asbestos liabilities
• Identify potential for corrosion under insulation
• Improve personnel protection
• Increase energy conservation
• Lower energy costs
• Reduce downstream maintenance costs
• Customer-specific reports
• Reduce emissions and carbon footprint

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Fire Protection Management System

The Fire Protection Management System (FPMS) is a comprehensive management tool that provides data on the conditions of fireproofed structures and supports within a facility and a plan to remedy deficiencies found with a methodical approach. The concept behind FPMS is to identify compromised fireproofing and bring it up to an acceptable standard.

Program Highlights
• Provides Solutions to Insurance Company Audit requirements
• Provides Long Range Planning & Scheduling
• Improves Fire Protection in the Facility
• Reduced Potential for Corrosion Under Fireproofing (CUF)
• Increases Cost Effectiveness of Yearly Spending
• Lowers Cost of Fireproofing Repair and Maintenance

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