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Industrial Insulation Services

Brock has been providing quality insulation services for over 30 years to clients in heavy industry, including refining, chemical, power, pulp and paper, and LNG. We have experience with installing insulation in support of large-scale capital construction projects and turnarounds, as well as routine maintenance activity.

Brock’s industrial insulation expertise encompasses insulation materials that meet the design for specific processes such as heat conservation, cryogenic, personnel protection (burn and hearing), and condensation control.

Brock insulators have successfully installed Calcium Silicate, Expanded Perlite, Mineral Wool, Fiberglass, Cellular Glass, Poly Foams and Silica Aerogel to meet client specifications. We also have the experience in installing all varieties of protective coverings for weather protection or retarding vapor transmission. We understand the importance of an installation with proper overlays and sealing of joints to realize the best performance of the underlying insulation, and we commit to delivering the highest quality service to attain that performance.

Insulation Solutions

Brock's services are based on innovative, process-driven management programs that collectively maximize the effectiveness of bundled services, as well as benchmarking capabilities that analyze performance across multiple sites, driving continuous improvement.

Services Include:
• Process Temperature Stability Control
• Energy Conservation (BTUs)
• Personal Protection (Burns, Slips)
• Freeze Protection
• Condensation Control (Mold, Mildew)
• Corrosion Under Insulation Prevention
• Asbestos Liability Management
• Emissions Control (Air Pollution)


The Leading Fabricator and Installer of Insulation Systems

Brock has extensive experience in the design, fabrication and installation of removal, reusable insulation covers.

Our craftsmen can measure and fabricate removeable covers for quick, cost effective insulation solutions on site in the field as part of routine maintenance activity, as well as in shop environments to support larger scale projects.

We engineer and manufacture the best, reusable and removable industrial blankets and covers for:

• Chilled Water and Cryogenic Applications
• Heat Exchangers and Header Covers
• Steam and Gas Turbines
• Valves and Pump Covers