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Fireproofing Services

Brock is a full-service provider of fire protection products for maintenance, capital and turnaround projects for a diverse group of industries that include Petrochemical, Refining, Power Generation, Offshore, LNG, and Pipelines. This diversity allows Brock to offer best practices in industry to each customer.

Brock has experience and expertise with intumescent, cementitious, and sand/cement fireproofing materials, as well as fire protection blankets and high temperature insulation block. All fire protection products are applied or installed either in our one of our strategically located shop facilities, or on-site wherever the project is set. Brock provides these high-performance passive fire protection (PFP) systems as specified and tailored to fit any specific project requirement.


Industry Leader in Fireproofing Installations

Brock’s skilled craftsmen and supervision and knowledgeable management staff are not only experienced in complete fireproofing installations for field and shop applications, but also the field block-out work on shop applied fireproofing for capital projects. Brock’s quality installations assure specified fire protection in the facility, reduced potential for Corrosion Under Fireproofing (with proper sealing and waterproofing of the fireproofing) and lowered installed and long-term cost.

Our experience includes heavy duty products such as:

• Albi-Clad™
• Pitt-Char®
• Chartek®
• Pyrocrete®
• Fendolite®
• Thermolag™
• Firetex®
• 3M Interam™
• Super Firetemp®


Safety, Quality and Productivity

Brock’s fire protection installation practices meet or exceed industry standards by following the strict procedures and safe work practices as outlined in the Brock Quality Management System (QMS) and Safety and Health Management Manual (SHMM). Safety, quality and productivity have remained the core of the Brock organization that delivers best practices and accountability for optimum project performance of all fire protection products installed.