Coatings & Linings Expertise

Brock was founded in 1947 as a tank painting and lining contractor servicing the local petrochemical industry in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana. Through over 70 years of operation, Brock has grown to be one of the largest industrial painting contractors in the U.S., as documented by Engineering News Record’s (ENR).

As a leader in the development and management of industrial coatings solutions, Brock combines technical expertise with practical skills, providing high quality surface preparation and coatings for structural steel, vessels and tanks, equipment and other facility assets.

Brock’s long history of providing coatings services to the petrochemical, power, pulp and paper industries includes application of all of the traditional maintenance and capital coatings systems, as well as extensive experience with High Temperature coatings, Thermal Spray Aluminum (TSA), and various chemical resistant or sheet strengthening linings for tanks and vessels.

Equipment Technology

Brock’s extensive coatings equipment inventory includes traditional surface preparation and application equipment, as well as the latest technology.

Robotic blasting, ultra-high pressure water jetting, water abrasive blasting, bristle blasters, and plural component spray equipment are part of the Brock coatings equipment fleet.

Brock continues to invest in technology of equipment and material that will enhance the life cycle performances and reduce the total installed cost of coatings and linings.


Corrosion Under Insulation

Brock is experienced in all aspects of CUI programs, including scaffolding, insulation, and applying coatings that will protect the steel under insulation. Brock works closely with our customer’s site inspection and reliability representatives using established processes and guidelines in addressing CUI concerns.

Fluid Applied Insulating
Brock has experience with fluid applied Insulating Coatings which provide insulating qualities and thermal efficiencies when applied directly to the surfaces of vessels, tanks or piping. By applying directly to the surface, the Insulating Coatings mitigate many CUI issues.

Thermal Sprayed Coatings

Brock Group has applied TSC Coatings for over 25 years, including considerable experience with TSC in shop and yard environments. Brock owns multiple TSA Combustion Wire (Flame) Spray units for field applications and one Electric Arc Wire Spray unit for shop work.

When utilized for Corrosion-Under-Insulation (CUI), TSC is a system of choice of several large refining companies, with which we have much of our experience.

Brock has qualified its application process per specified procedural requirements of several large refining companies. Brock has stringent safety and quality practices that are followed. For Brock’s best performances, quality procedures are followed closely, including qualification of the applicators and bend test coupons being taken at the start of every shift.



Brock’s field services are guided by an in-house quality program that follows the criteria of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. The Quality Management System addresses all aspects of coatings work to assure a quality application of coating material that will meet or exceed its design service life.

SSPC Certifications
• SSPC QP-1 Certification (Industrial/Marine Painting Contractors)
• SSPC QP-2 Certification (Field Removal of Hazardous Coatings)
• QP-1 Certification since 1991, holding certification #9