Asbestos Abatement

Brock first provided asbestos abatement services for industry in the 1980’s, when we agreed to perform abatement of insulation and refractory during turnarounds for a power generation client on a small scale. From there, Brock expanded its asbestos abatement services to our other industrial clients. Then in response to several industrial incidents that occurred within a short period of time that left asbestos exposed to plant personnel as well as in public locations, Brock provided abatement cleanup while demonstrating rapid response capabilities, which lead to major growth in abatement and disaster response services. Brock has since extended its Asbestos services into the commercial market as well, gaining extensive experience with commercial demolition of asbestos in floors, walls, ceilings and roofing.

Brock is well-versed in all asbestos abatement processes and employs all necessary engineering controls to limit exposure to Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), from encapsulation to glove bags to full containments with negative air pressures for the removal of or reduction of exposure to ACM. Brock diligently remains current on and complies with all local, state and federal abatement regulations on all abatement related activities and requirements while using the safest, most cost effective methods of abatement and containment possible. All asbestos workers are trained in Asbestos Safe Work Practices and certified by the appropriate regulatory entity.


Lead Abatement

Brock has a long history of performing removal and encapsulation of hazardous lead paint or other heavy metal materials on the various structure, piping and equipment surfaces in our client’s facilities. Brock performs abatement services under controlled conditions to create a safe environment that is well below permissible exposure limits for the lead abatement workers and well as other plant and contract workers in adjacent areas. Brock utilizes the most cost effective methods to address the hazardous materials in a safe, responsible manner and to limit hazardous waste disposal volume.

Brock performs all work in total compliance with 29 CFR 1910.1025 and 29 CFR 1926.62 of Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and maintains OSHA and EPA required certifications, training, and record keeping. In addition, we continually educate our competent persons, supervision and workers to ensure compliance with the latest developments in safety, techniques, regulations and quality assurance. Brock’s abatement processes allow owners to maintain operational activities during the performance of the abatement work. Our safety, performance excellence, and value driven methods are what set us apart and are foremost with our customers.