Major Chemical Manufacturer


Bsafe is our approach to making safety personal. As an extension of our culture of respect and caring, Bsafe is the embodiment of our relentless pursuit of, and overall commitment to, operational excellence.

Our pledge to establishing a Bsafe culture is backed by our commitment to an incident and injury free environment. We understand that developing a long-term, sustainable culture begins with making safety personal. Our corporate culture is built on interdependency, with each employee fully engaged to work safely and be motivated “so no one gets hurt!”

The Brock standard of caring and respect defines who we are and how we operate to achieve excellence in every aspect of our business. Bsafe begins with personal responsibility for our own safekeeping, and extends to include our fellow employees, our customers, our families, and our communities.

At Brock, Bsafe is what we do.

*Bsafe is a mark of Brock Holdings III, Inc.